Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Starlets for the Future; Top 10 Players Arsenal Should Sign Part 2

Seeing that I have finally finished the "Countdown to UEFA Euro 2008" magazine series, I now have more time to post on things about Arsenal and less workload. This "shortlist" is compiled by me and it possibly don't really need a world-class scout to know these are actually quality players for the present and future. If you don't know what I'm talking about, then you should read Part 1. Anyway, enjoy!

Top 10 Starlets for the Future:

6) Yoann Gourcuff


Another French starlet going by the first name of "Yoann". This 21 year-old kid is dubbed the next Zinedine Zidane back in his native country and it really seems like there's some similarities. An excellent technical player, his great shooting ability, excellent dribbling and exceptional manipulation of the flanks and centre more than makes up for his lack of pace. The guy you would expect to score screamers, unexpected strikes, and make great attacking dribbling and runs.

Sadly, he once rejected a move to Arsenal when he was still in Rennes and in the end moved to AC Milan. Judging from Milan's reputation in the transfer market, they will request much for this player; at an estimated cost of 14 million pounds. That's his only disadvantage. But seeing that Gourcuff struggled to get on the first team in Milan, Arsene Wenger may just be able to bargain.

Recommendation: 8/10

7) Jeremy Menez (The guy in red)


With an itmidating hairstyle, this kid may be young but he looks really matured and plays like a matured player too.

He is a natural attacking-midfielder, although he is very versatile. He can play on th wings, a playmaker role, a forward, or just in the center of the park. He is often handed the playmaker role, but he is, in my opinion, more like a natural winger, and good attacking midfielder known for his dribbling and pace rather than his passing. He became famous for being the youngest ever scorer of a hat trick in Ligue 1, the youngest ever winner of Ligue 1's player of the month award, earning him the status of "the next Zinedine Zidane".

His only weakness, I believe, is that he's a selfish player (I hate to say this, but you can see some similarities between Menez nd Niklas Bendtner). Nevertheless, he's a proven youngster and Milan is hot on the heels for him.

Recommendation: 7.5/10

8) Charles N'Zogbia


Age 22 and currently plays for Newcastle, Charles N'Zogbia is a French footballer with Congolese parentage.

A natural winger, he is a good prospect as a heavy favourite at St. James Park. Quick-paced, excellent shooter, and has a hunger for goals, this player is a good replacement for Aliaksandr Hleb.

Recommendation: 7/10

9) Andre Ayew


From Olympique Marseille, Andre Ayew is a natural forward from Ghana, but he can also play as a winger. The footballing blood runs strong in his family, as his father is the legendary Abedi Pele and he is the nephew of Kwame Ayew. His younger brother, Jordan Ayew, also plays for O.M. So many people from his family is devoted to football that you could make a family tree for him.

Fast and pacey, he aims to equal what his father did as a player, and the future does look bright for him. Another player to check out is his younger brother, Jordan Ayew. He's also a rather good prospect.

Recommendation: 8/10

10) Miguel Veloso

A great technical player that is expected to be a replacement for Mathieu Flamini in the role of defensive-midfielder. What he lacks in the ability to defend well, he more than makes up for it in his great technique. Anyway, you can view his featured profile here.

No doubt about it, he's a great player, but I'd rather Arsene Wenger spend the club's money on other players, unless Wenger really have spare cash. Reason is that Veloso is pretty young, and what we need is an experience player that can do as well as Flamini. If we're going to buy another young defensive-midfielder, then why not play Denilson instead? We should trust Denilson and not find another young player that can play his same position, this will give Denilson the impression that he's even worse than a backup player.

Recommendation: 7/10


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Anonymous said...

good post mate, but I'm not so sure about N'Zogbia!!

Darren said...

Lol. I thought N'Zogbia is okay tbh. He looks like he can actually be a good winger in the future... I have faith in him, but some players are unpredictable at times!