Friday, June 27, 2008

Marcos Senna Linked with Arsenal

Another transfer target added to the list.

One of the latest additions being the man above, Marcos Senna. A player whom I feel my opinions has some similarity with Torsten Frings, he has the same age as Frings, being 31 years-old which I feel is just too old. He impressed during this Euro 2008 campaign, and even though many people would think that the lack of experience was the thing that knocked us off the top of the table, I seriously feel 31 year-old is too old, it is more like "close-to-retirement" and old than experience. And to make things worse, Arsene Wenger may be willing to pay a whopping 10 million pounds for him, which is definitely not worth it. Look for other targets Wenger, he's not worth 10 million and I feel he isn't the ideal person to replace Flamini.

What do you think? Is he worth 10 million? Does he even deserve to play first-team football for Arsenal? Tell me more, cheers from Dariano :)


Anonymous said...

Dont take any notice of the poll mate. It's hard to do a blog.
Keep it up

Anonymous said...

marcos senna is good at the moment. but with his age you can never know when his performance will drop. and being older it can happen anytime and even too early to have been worth those 10 million pounds. arsene, consider gerardo torrado who has experience and has kept up his level for years now.