Monday, June 23, 2008

Arsenal, Juventus, Real Madrid and HSV Hamburg to Participate in Emirates Cup 2008

Just before the 2007/08 season Emirates Stadium announced that it will host the first ever Emirates Cup. This year, they have done it again. Arsenal will be in the tournament as usual, but will be accompanied by Serie A giants Juventus, La Liga champions Real Madrid, and Bundelisga giant HSV Hamburg. Cool eh? So much for pre-season. It will take place over the weekend of Saturday 2nd August and Sunday 3rd August 2008 and like last year, two matches will be played on each day. Arsenal will be playing Juventus on 2nd August and Real Madrid on 3rd August. This should be interesting, with league giants participating Arsene Wenger will probably take this seriously. Arsenal Managing Director Keith Edelman said:

“After the huge success of last year’s tournament, we are very proud to be hosting the Emirates Cup again in August.
“We are also delighted at the calibre of the three visiting teams to this year’s Emirates Cup. The combination of Arsenal, Real Madrid, Juventus and Hamburg will offer an extremely entertaining weekend of football for the supporters at very good prices, and will also provide the teams with a very competitive level of pre-season preparation.”

I can't wait for this, this may only be a small "Emirates Cup" but it will be embarrassing if Arsenal didn't win their own sponsor's cup. So I hope Arsenal give it all their best and from that cup we should be able to see how we fare with the other major clubs in other countries. That's all for now from Dariano, take cares and goodbye :)


chris said...

bring on the big guns!!!

it will be a good opertunity to see some younger stars in the making