Thursday, June 12, 2008

"Big Phil" to Chelsea

Luiz Felipe Scolari have been appointed as Chelsea manager, it's official.

The 59 year-old manager who is currently the head coach of Portugal, have agreed terms with Chelsea as he looks set to move from Portugal to England. An excellent manager who famously managed the 2002 Brazilian National Team to World Cup glory and 2 semi-finals and a final with Portugal, he is a well-known and world-class manager in the international stage.

But can he do as well in club management?

My answer, sadly, is a brief yes. Why sadly, you may ask. It's because of this theory:

Big Phil + Club filed with Talent = Trouble for Arsenal

In fact, it's not only trouble for Arsenal, but also trouble for all the other Premiership clubs. Scolari is a good manager, and although he's not really proven at club management he is still a wise old manager who famously made his players read The Art of War, a world-renown military treatise written centuries ago, to raise their morale and make them have that winning mentality.

Many will still argue whether Big Phil can cut the mustard at club management, but one thing's for sure, even Arsene Wenger and Sir Alex Ferguson did not make their players read any strategy books.

So as a Gooner I just hope he will be a major letdown.