Thursday, June 19, 2008

Can Almunia be Trusted?

This topics has probably been debated for months, ever since Lehmann suffered a dip in form this question has been asked time and again, "Can Almunia be trusted?"

Almunia, who is only 31 years-old, is born in Spain and have only make 40 appearances so far in his 4 years stint at the Emirates. But next season seems different, Wenger hasn't said anything about signing a new keeper, in fact I once heard that Arsene Wenger will be sticking to Almunia and won't be buying a new keeper. The first time I heard this news i had quite a big reaction: You're making a mistake Wenger!

To be honest, the first few games I see Almunia play in he sort of impressed me, he doesn't have the eccentricity of Jens Lehmann and is more reliable than Fabianski. He made a few good saves, and I thought he's "not bad".

But soon, as I see him play more and more often I feel that he's just an average keeper, and Arsenal need more than "average keepers" to win the title. Maybe not exactly world-class, but what Arsenal need is a "top-class" keeper. What is my definition of top-class? A top-class player is a player who is chosen to represent his country; in Almunia's case, he's not even called up for Spain. Even if he is, he would be behind Casillas, Reina and Valdes. Which is why I seriously think Arsene Wenger needs to invest in a keeper.

Sadly, I feel Arsene Wenger won't do that. Almunia's already chosen to pose for our new kit, it may not really mean much but it has confirmed that he should be a first-team regular. And to further prove it, Almunia may get his English nationality on December this year, and if he gets it he can represent England. So Wenger would probably give him a chance to prove himself to Fabio Capello. I'll be damn when Arsene Wenger complains at the end of next season that Arsenal were "letting in too many goals". If it really does happens, then he can only blame himself.

What are your views on this? Should Almunia be our "number 1" next season? If he shouldn't, then who should? Take cares from Dariano :)


Anonymous said...

the best keeper at the euros so far is Coupet - haven't we been linked with him yet? if not why not!?

Darren said...

Coupet isn't the best player; in fact, I'm disappointed with him during the Euros. And he's old, close to retiring so I don't want him although he's okay.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Good post Dariano.

Anyway,there are lots of good, young keepers out there who will grow even more if move to arsenal, e.g Igor Akinfeev (Russia Goalkeeper)

I think that Almunia should be our no.2,he like Dariano said is average, he isnt an arsenal goalkeeper, a seaman, i think that Akinfeev if not already will be topclass.

Anonymous said...

We should sign the best goalie in the Premiership for the last two seasons...David James!!!

Darren said...

Thanks Alex, don't get praises like this here.

Akinfeev may be a little difficult to get, and he is young. This would probably confuse Fabianski. David James is too old and it will be a little expensive to get him from Pompey, which is silly because in a few years time he would be retiring.

Anonymous said...

The best keeper so far in Euro 2008 has to be Arthur Boruc. Little wonder why he's linked to us forever.

However, i hope Almunia gets a proper season without Lehmann on his back. He has shown how solid he can be but he doesn't really perform well on crucial big games. Hope he fixes that glitch next season. AND he's a good kicker of the ball. Won the half-field hit the bar contest too.

leon said...

there no question amunia is going to stay and i dont think he should leave. i think wenger want three keepers. i think he will want to keep amunia on toes. so i think he will buy a top class keeper,amunia is ok is good but a top class keeper.

Darren said...

Anoi 12.38 I think you meant the Arsenal crossbar challenge?

Well that's actually based on luck.

And I don't know who's that Boruc guy? Hope if Arsenal's going to sign him he's going to be good.

Darren said...

Was watching Euro 08, and realised that Lehmann is solid for Germany.

I feel that we may just regret letting Lehmann go to Stuttgart...

Anonymous said...

Almunia can be trusted, look at Lehmann's form at the Euro's.

Also look at how well Almunia played last season. He made almost no mistakes.

I think we should keep him in goal.

Anonymous said...

I believe Arsenal should buy Gomes he's tall, strong and he pulls out marvelous saves.

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