Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Jens Lehmann Tribute

It's really funny. Literally. There are 2 reasons why it's funny. 1, just a day ago I posted my opinions on Jens Lehmann rambling about his time at Arsenal, then I told him to shut up. And now, I am actually doing a tribute for him on this site. Guess I got back some of Jens Lehmann "eccentricity". Reason number 2 is that this tribute is REALLY funny. Just watch the videos, and you'll understand why.

Jens Lehmann Funny Moments:

You just have to admire him, the comedian-goalkeeper Lehmann. This tribute's not over yet, I'll update it later when I'm free.


chris said...

well done a nice idea,

looking back i was always so worried that he was going to knock someone out when a corner was being taken he was such a liability, but you know a bit of violent tendencies always endeared him to the arsenal faithful.

good luck to him