Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Who Should be Arsenal Captain Next Season?

Today, I'm going to talk about the Arsenal Captaincy issue. It has been speculated for a long time, ever since Arsenal's form went down towards the end of the season and Gallas trying to be the Incredible Hulk, smashing ad boards and going crazy. And the funny thing is, the "Hulk" broke out in tears after that.

Now, let's see the candidates:

William Gallas

The current Arsenal captain, he looks fine but when you see him in action it seems as if he got a freak accident and starts to get violence. The incident when he smashed the ad boards has ore than tarnished his reputation; once bitten twice shy, so I believe Arsene Wenger won't appoint him captain next season.

Kolo Toure

The longest serving member in the current Goon squad, Kolo Toure is arguably the best defender in the world at the moment. But when it comes to leadership abilities, is he any good?
Toure should make a good captain, but the only problem is that once Toure is made captain, Gallas won't be happy about that (I've a strange feeling). And from how I see it, Toure is a good vice-captain, but he don't looks suited to be a captain. He can command the defence and made one of the "senior" members, but it won't work out well if he's made captain.

Francesc Fabregas

It may seems surprising, but even the 21 year-old Fabregas is being listed.
Some Gooners would wish to see Fabregas become captain; I'm one of them. A world-class playmaker, and one of the best players at Arsenal, he possess some good leadership ability. I would love it when he's captain, but sadly, I myself have to admit, not yet.
Definitely a future Arsenal captain, he won't be given the captain armband this season, but maybe a few seasons later he will. He is just too young at the moment, he just won't command the respects of his team-mates as much as Gallas and Toure would do. So, too bad Cesc. Future, but not now.

Gilberto Silva

Don't really need to explain much about him, he's now a shadow of his former self and he still have that bit of leadership quality in him, but he won't be captain.
If he's made captain, we, Gooners, would be the most unhappy of the bunch. This would mean that he's going to play regularly next season and anybody would know he's no longer good. But maybe, just maybe, Arsene Wenger would test him out and make him "third-choice" captain. I just feel that if given the chance, Gilberto could still shine.

Any other new signing

Be it Frings, Richard Dunne or even Patrick Vieira, new signings in my opinion, shouldn't be made captain.
If they in turn are made captain, then the other players in Arsenal would be unhappy, it is like giving the outside world the impression that Arsenal doesn't have players with leadership qualities, and that as soon as a new player is being signed, it doesn't matter if he got Premiership experience, just make him captain. But thankfully, judging from Arsene Wenger's character that will have a low chance of happening, although I wouldn't bet on it.

So after everything, I feel that Kolo Toure should be captain of Arsenal next season. Gallas has an attitude problem, Fabregas is too young, Gilberto should just retire, and giving the armband to new signings are suicidal. Do you agree with me? Who do you think should be made skipper? Tell me in the comments section, my fellow Gooners. I want to hear your opinions :)


Anonymous said...

I agree with you on your analysis, but I wonder, why not make Almunia (GK) as captain, he's been at arsenal long enough, is likely to play most of the games, and can command respect of ohter players.

Darren said...

I don't think so oliver. Almunia is a good goalkeeper, even better than Lehmann, but he needs to "open his mouth" more, which is why some people felt that Lehmann was a better goalkeeper because he commands his players well (in the past).

Anonymous said...

Almunia is a decent keeper but to even think that he can captain arsenal is crazy in fact i think can do with a better keeper e.g Kirkland(far better then almunia).

chris said...

i was never happy with gallas being made captain,

but i think it is too early for cesc, it really only leaves gilberto, but kolo should not br written off,
it needs to be a senior player

Anonymous said...

Unikdip said...
hey,guys all i want is a captain capable of delivering trophies...
by the way,hope u guy remember that tony adams was made captain at 19 so age should not be a factor

Rosicky n Hleb should b considered too

Darren said...

Good idea anoi 6.42, but Rosicky is extremely injury-prone, while Hleb has a rather bad attitude and may be leaving.

Adams is made captain because he has a rather good attitude and is really a true leader; I can't see Fabregas doing the same thing.He is a little temperamental at times.

chris said...

On January 1, 1988, he became Arsenal's youngest ever captain at the age of 21; he would remain club captain for the next 14 years until his retirement

Anonymous said...

Willy should remain as captain, so what he threw a tantrum after we were raped by the referees...again. Fellow Gooners are falling into the Anti-Arsenal media trap of branding Captain Bill a bad leader. He shows passion, oozes charisma and has won big competitions. He maintains squad morale, is an excellent ambassador for the club and rewards young players (which is most of our squad lol) with trips to concerts which we arranges personally.

Long live Captain Bill and let's kill this stupid divisive argument here because he won't be an Arsenal player in two or three seasons time.

Anonymous said...

oops, the part of the comment above saying: "concerts which we arranges personally" should read: "concerts which HE arranges personally".

Someone fetch me my brain medicine lol.

Anonymous said...

Guys I agree with some of you but not others..The only person that deserves it in my eyes is Mr consistant Kolo Toure. Almunia is not a good enough keeper for our first team after the likes of Seaman and even the mad Lehmann. Dont get me wrong he is a good keeper but made some bad bad mistakes in the big games last season and he does not command his deffenders at all. All this talk of this midfielder and that midfielder is so wrong for us..We have what ? 12 guys young and old going for 4 places in the 1st team...We defo without any shadows need to replace Senderos as he is the weak link in the 1st team. Not saying that has always been the case because when we made the UCL final he played a massive part in the success of us getting there.Again though some massive mistakes made last season and also not good at all in the Euro's. So for me - World class keeper maybe someone like Buffon ??? World class centre back, another top rate striker and maybe someone on the wing just incase Helb does go. I would love him to stay because he does make a big difference especially when the sicky Rosicky is still injured ...Hopefully the gaffer may look at these sort of comments ( Never in a million years ) and listen to what the guys who pay his wages want.
Gooner made 4 ever

Darren said...

Buffon is virtually impossible to buy, and I think Wenger will only buy a proven goalkeeper, not really a world-class one.

Anonymous said...

hahahahahahahaha imagine if eboue was made captain. we wud be doomed and his big head wud blow the stadium up when he gets tackled. Wenger luvs eboue so much i wudnt put it past him though. come on u gooners!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

wat about clichy...i feel he is one of the best fullbacks in the EPL and has been with arsenal quite a predicting gallaas will be captain until he leaves arsenal