Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Lehmann Complains, Again.

Here comes Lehmann.

But wait, didn't he already transfered to Stuttgart? Yes he did, but a leopard certainly can't change its spots.

Just about weeks ago, Lehmann was given a standing ovation when he came on as a substitute in his last match. Lehmann, 38, has been at Arsenal for 5 years already and kept goals during the Gunners "Invincible" season during the 2003/04 campaign. He looks set to leave the Emirates Stadium with a "Legend" status at Arsenal, highly respected by the fans and a "Fans' Favourite".

But it just seems that he can't forget what Arsene Wenger did to him at the end of the season. He fell out of favour to Almunia at the start of the season with a few bloopers, and after getting stale on the bench, Arsenal did not renew his contract and he went to Stuttgart and even became the first-choice goalkeeper at Germany in Euro 2008.

Suddenly, he comes out and said,

"I experienced a lot of disappointment and a kind of anger last season, being substitute annoys me, as did watching Arsenal waste all of their chances to win the title."

He certainly showed that he wasn't happy with Arsenal. I can only have one word for this: Stupid.

Come on Lehmann, you have already left Arsenal and it was obviously because you wasn't No.1. And now you say that you was watching Arsenal waste their chances? It's not really of your concern anymore. As a "Legend" and "alumni" member of the Goon squad, you should only offer positive comments. You are already 38 and should be experience, and yet you are acting like a child saying that Arsenal was wasteful sorts of things. It's not like you could do anything about it, right? I can forgive this guy for his comments, just because he contributed much to Arsenal for the past years, and wasn't really a bad goalkeeper others imagined. But this is truly a childish act from what an experience person.

And guess what he said after making that comment,

"Arsene Wenger knows I have not been happy with his decisions. But he knows I have learnt from him. I have always felt drawn towards him. Arsenal will remain a beautiful experience in my life. Both on a sporting and personal level, I reached the top there."

That's a fast change of tone.


chris said...

nice post,

he really is a moaning bitch, but he can be forgiven for his input overall,

to be fair i kind of expected him to get more games after his brief stint at the end of season but alas not,

still good luck to him, but it does feel like the moans of an ex-girlfriend who cant except he has been dumped,
welcome to dumpsville poulation, YOU,

Darren said...

Hey mate!

Yeah, he's not a really bad keeper tbh and I sorta sympathised with him on his last match. But after this I realised that there's no way Jens Lehmann can change his character.

Thanks for giving a comment Chris :)