Sunday, June 1, 2008

Tour de Blog

For most people who came to my blog the first time, they would just stare at the blog, wondering where to go, because the blog is actually quite big, and Blogger doesn't let you have a proper homepage tbh. So it's pretty messy, but all your problems would soon be solved after reading this post.

At the top of the blog it's a blog banner specially designed by myself, with an Emirates Stadium background and edited with Adobe Photoshop by me. It may look a little ugly, but for now I (and you guys) would have to bear with it unless someone can make a better one for me :) You would sometimes notice that I will change the banner at times; one example is the upcoming Euro 08, in which I would change the banner to suit that time of the month when the European fotball championship matches are played. Clicking on the banner will take you to the blog's "homepage".

Ok now let's move to the center of the blog. It's basically "the blog" because that's where all the posts are displayed, and that's what blogs are for. Scroll down and you will see more entries, and for older ones you can find it at the side (we'll move to that later). In my posts you may find pictures and videos, so it won't only be a boring and words-only blog. And after each post you will see this: