Thursday, June 19, 2008

Phillipe Senderos- Should He Be Given a Second Chance?

His fate is sealed. Now only Arsene Wenger knows what he's going to do to Senderos next season. Switzerland's Euro 2008 campaign is over, so the only way Senderos can convince Wenger to keep him is by going to his office or impressing on the training ground. Now I will try to read Arsene Wenger's mind and analyse Phillipe Senderos. It's judgment day for Senderos.

It's really difficult to understand how this 23 year-old defender had come to such a miserable state. He once formed a formidable partnership with Kolo Toure in the centre-backs, and with that partnership he managed to lead Arsenal to their fist Champions League final in the 2005/06 season. It is believed that Arsene Wenger even touted him as the next Tony Adams; handing him the number 6 jersey of Arsenal and being made captain on several occasions. I myself, for once, don't even understand how he could have suffered such a dip in form. So instead, rather than rely on guessing as to why, I'm going to give my views on whether he should be given a second chance.

An excellent leader, great defender, and only 23 years of age, I honestly think he should be given a chance. It's normally easy to remember what people did badly, but people tend to forget what he did right. He showed great form duing the time Sol Campbell was injured, which many regard his best season yet. During 2006/07 he didn't really impress, but he normally got the job done. And just last season, he made several mistakes, the most infamous being the clash with Liverpool during the Champions League quarter-final. Then he went on to make more mistakes, he seemed to be lacking concentration and has even recently told the press that he's in a "mental breakdown" after seeing his own bad performance on the pitch. From then on, Arsene Wenger made a small comment to the press about selling Senderos next season and the press went to spread it; resulting in we Gooners to think whether he should stay.

And to further prove why I want him to stay, Arsene Wenger is prepared to make him the future captain of Arsenal; he is perhaps "captain" of the "reserves" squad Wenger normally field during Carling Cup and FA Cup fixtures. So it's like training him for years, and because of some mistakes he made in a single year, he needs to be sold. It's not sensible, it's a waste of time for both parties, so I really feel that he should be given 1 last chance. Just one chance, if next season he still "lacks concentration" and cannot live up to expectations, then I won't have any complaints about Arsene selling him.

What is your opinion on this? Should Phillipe Senderos be given a second chance? And why? Share it with me below, and give me your views, because I wanna hear what majority of you all say. For now take cares and good bye :)


Anonymous said...

this wouldnt be his second chance, it would unfortunately be his 10th or 11th. its time for him to move on, its not just his lapses of concentration that are his problem, he doesnt have enough skill on the ball, something that almost every other player in the squad does have, which makes him unsuitable for arsenal.

Anonymous said...

Senderos has perfect first pass.
Have a crazy idea.
Arsene try him on DM next season.

Anonymous said...

He is a pathetic defender. First u say he has made many mistakes, then in the next paragraph, you say he is a great defender, and just 23 years old. How can he be great when he is the BIGGEST culprit behind arsenal's dip in league, cups, and champions league. How can I as an arsenal fan forgive the countless mistakes he has made that have cost us just about everything?

To be honest, he is a poor defender and I would say that he is only good enough to be in the bottom table clubs, no more. He lacks pace, he lacks positioning, he lacks tackling ability, he cant defend set peices, he isnt good on the ball. I dont know what good can he be for arsenal, other than costing us more and more silverware!!

Anonymous said...

Senderos wasn't the reason for our sensational end of Season collapse last year. The reason are in this order 1) Injuries to key players like Rosicky, RVP, Eduardo, Sagna, and Diaby 2) Matt Flamini's dip in form since the Birmingham game 3) Cesc Fabegras, Adebayor, and Clichy being knackered. Phillipe's only fault was that he wasn't given enough chances if anything I'd like to see Gallas gone and Senderos and Kolo in defense with the latter as team captain. Suggesting that we sell Phillipe is ludacris.

leon said...

arsenal small decline was due to alck attcking options brought by injuries.

Anonymous said...

Yes, you cant blame our whole season on him, but last season everytime I seen him play, he made mistakes, looked nervous. He is a fringe player, and for a fringe play, we dont need him to be fantastic, just come in and do the job error free. which he wasnt able to do for two seasons. Champions league records speaks for nothing, teams play defensive in these fixtures. So I'd say we need some fresh faces at the back.

Anonymous said...

THIS ARTICLE IS RIDICULOUS, I'm sorry but phillippe senderos has never been good enough for arsenal football club! he threatened to be, when sol campbell was injured and we won the league! However is fondness for glitching out when within about 3 foot of being near Didier Drogba means that he can't be an arsenal player! Leaderness he does not have, as he needs to be coddled so as to not make mistakes, which ineveitably happen anyway, for me to say that senderos is the worst arsenal player in the last 5 years is not an understatement and him still bein an Arsenal player now is Wengers biggest mistake since being our manager!