Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Mourinho goes to Inter, Eriksson Leaves City

After months of speculation, finally a conclusion has been revealed.

Former Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho is officially the new manager of Inter Milan, while Manchester City has announced that they have now parted with Sven-Goran Eriksson.

Like I predicted earlier on, Mourinho went to Inter as head coach. It probably didn't come as a surprise for most of us, and with a squad full of talent, combined with a manager who have done so well at Chelsea, even calling himself "The Special One", Inter Milan would probably be an unstoppable force next season.

As for Manchester City, Thaksin Shinawatra, owner of the club, has decided that it is best Man City part ways with Svev-Goran Eriksson after a good start of the season, only to find that go down the table at the end of the season.

And a news that I forgot to publish earlier, Avram Grant has also been sacked by Roman Abramovich. What is my opininon on all these managers leaving their clubs(Eriksson, Mancini and Grant)?

One word: Sick.

Firstly, let's look at Avram Grant. At the start when he just joined Chelsea, many people thought that he would be a disaster. We didn't know him, perhaps even his own players don't know him. But guess what he did. A runner-up position for the Premier League, Carling Cup, and he managed to get Chelsea into their first Champions League final. Surely, he may only be runner-up for all these competitions, but he deserves another season to win them, it's really not bad for a first-timer, someone whom we didn't know, someone who is a stranger. Harsh sacking.

Now, let's look at Sven-Goran Eriksson. Before he arrived, Manchester City was 14th in the Premier Lague, and scored the fewest goals at home in the premiership, breaking a record of only 10 goals being scored at home (Try imagining that!). Then after Eriksson took over, he was sparking the media's attention, bringing the club to a 3rd position at the start of the season. The club soon became more and more inconsistent, and in the end got 9th position. I know Shinawatra is fustrated to go so low at the end of the season, but from 14th place to 9th, that's really something. Eriksson don't deserve to get sack, and now it will be intersting to see who Thaksin appoints as manager next season and what position Man City will get, while seeing how Eriksson does for the Mexico National Football Team, although it's not official yet.

Lastly, we go to Italy to analyse Roberto Mancini. Let's see his past Serie A records: 3 Serie A wins in a row. Some people may argue that the first title was won in court(because of Calciopoli), the second there was virtually no competition, and the third was because he could be a little lucky and the teams that got promoted from the Calciopoli incident was still warming up. They can say all this, but if you were an Inter fan, you would say, "A win is a win, who cares how we win it?"

I'm not an Inter fan (I'm a Gooner :D), but still I have to agree. 3 Serie A titles is not easy, I bet Jose Mourinho can't even do that. But perhaps one of the major factors why Inter sack him is that his European record in pretty horrible: 0 European title wins. Anyway, it's still another harsh sacking, and I find this sick.

So, for the conclusion, Roberto Mancini, Sven-Goran Eriksson are all victims of "Harsh Club Owners' Tyranny", and I really pity them. Sometimes I just wonder how lucky Arsenal is, at least the owners aren't nosy parkers.