Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Stan Kroenke Revolution + Santa Cruz to be Arsene's Next Target?

I don't know if you guys actually know this, but the man on the left is actually a new member of the Arsenal Board of Directors after he recently bought 12.19% stakes in Arsenal. And from what I heard from he may just be the man that will spark a summer transfer shake-up, which may cause Adebayor to go to Barcelona. I'm not sure if it's true, but I seriously hope he doesn't interfere with Arsene Wenger's plans like how Abramovich did with Chelsea. I just couldn't imagine Arsenal ruled by a "dictator", which would probably see Arsene go, although Peter Hill-Wood has said that he will not "give in" so easily.

Another news that I heard is that Arsene Wenger may be setting his eyes on Roque Santa-Cruz as a replacement for Adebayor if he do go. Santa-Cruz is a good player, but for Arsenal's standard I feel that he's only "average". I can't see him scoring as many goals as Ade did last season, even if he's a regular first-team player. Man Utd is also going for him, so if Arsenal and Man Utd are actually going to fight for him by outbidding each other's offer then I'm sure Blackburn would easily allow him to move and look for other options. So if Arsene does wants to sign him, which I feel he shouldn't, he would have to convince Blackburn with a good price and Santa-Cruz with some golden words, like how he did with Aaron Ramsey.

Do you feel that man called Kroenke would change things at Arsenal? Should Santa-Cruz come? Tell me below in the comments section. That's all for now fellow Gooners. Take cares and goodbye from Dariano ;)


Anonymous said...

I don't think it is fair to compare Kroenke to Abramovich... Kroenke has had a lot of success in sports management whereas Roman is still struggling with Chelsea. Kroenke will not have the time to intefere in the running of club and so I am sure Arsene and co will have a free hand in running the team. From the business point of view Kroenke will mostly be involved in building the Arsenal brand all over the world and help improve their merchandising capability. The money there is more than what the actual sport brings in.

Anonymous said...

I live in the USA and from what I know of Kroenke, you will not see him in the Arsenal Dressing room
as Chelsea's Abramovich.He is a bit more classy that that. The other key Factor is he will not Mortgage Arsenal to the death as the Glaziers have with Man Utd; He just has to tap up his wife, She is a member of The walton Family Walmart and in her own right is worth 2-3 times his wealth. This may be a really goo fit

Anonymous said...

Santa Cruz was among the most sought after talents when he was younger. He was 16 years old when he first represented Paraguay and that was before Bayern Munich picked him up. He has immense skill for his body size not unlike Ade or Toni and knows how to make use of his height. If not for his constant injuries during his time at Bayern I think he would've done a lot more famous than he is right now. I wouldnt' say no based on ability. But with his injury records alongside VanPersie's I'm kinda worried.

Darren said...

don't know Kroenke so I was afraid that he may cause disharmony at the Emirates, but after hearing what you guys said, I feel relieved. What I hope is that Kroenke's arrival may bring more money for Arsene to spend.