Saturday, June 14, 2008

Latest news: Wenger going for Parejo

One of the latest news I received is that Arsene Wenger is renewing his interest in Real Madrid youth starlet Daniel Parejo.

Arsenal once had a bid for Parejo rejected, but now it seems that Wenger still want more youth starlets for the future, even after getting Aaron Ramsey.

Daniel Parejo is currently playing for Real Madrid's reserve squad, aka Real Madrid Castilla. He is a Spanish midfielder who impressed Wenger during last year's under-19's European Championships, which the senior version of the championship is currently being held in Switzerland and Vienna, more famously known as UEFA Euro.

He hopes to transform Parejo into the next Fabregas, who also originally came from Spain but was playing for Real Madrid's La Liga rival, Barcelona.

Parejo have explained that although he is flattered to be link to Arsenal, he would rather stay with Los Merengues as he knows more familiar faces there, and Real Madrid is also his hometown club. He aims to succeed in Madrid. Here's what he said:

"For me, it is a compliment that such an important European team is showing interest. I have heard rumours but my intention is very clear - my dream is to succeed in Madrid. Nobody dislikes something like that (being compared to Cesc Fabregas) but I prefer to look in the mirror and see Raul, Guti and Iker Casillas, three footballers who have come out of this youth system and have gone on to triumph in Madrid. I am young and I have patience."

But will that change?

I've never heard of Daniel Parejo until I read the article. He is touted as the next Fabregas, which means he plays as a playmaker. But what bothers me is that it will probably take 11 million to buy him from Madrid. A big sum off 11 million pounds for a player whom I have never heard of? And also a player who plays in a position we don't need at the moment? I would rather not.

Keep that money Wenger, maybe we should sign this kid next season, I trust you, but I don't trust that you should actually sign him during the this winter's transfer window. Keep it for next summer or winter, and we're talking about 11 million for goodness sake. We can probably buy Nasri with that amount of money.

So like I said Wenger, next season.


chris said...

yeah its nice to get an exciting prospect but i agree with you that position is filled.
we neeed to get goal keeper of expierence and a proper winger and centre back,