Sunday, June 15, 2008

Defensive Midfielder Candidates

Seeing that nothing much have happened about Arsenal today, and that now I have the time, I thought it would be wasteful not to publish anything. So I've decided to write this article about the possible candidates for the vacant DM position left by Mathieu Fla-money. Lots of candidate, and lots of opinion from me.

Miguel Veloso

To see his full profile, click here.

Strengths: Great technical player, rather good holding midfielder

Weaknesses: Can't perform holding role as well as Flamini, Costly

Recommendation: 8.5/10

Yaya Toure

Strengths: Excellent holding midfielder; even better than Flamini, may cooperate well with his brother Kolo

Weaknesses: Lacks the technique of Flamini, rather costly

Recommendation: 10/10

Raul Albiol

Strengths: Strong holding midfielder, versatile; can play as center-back

Weaknesses: Probably plays better in CB role

Recommendation: 8.5/10

Johan Djourou

Strengths: Good holding midfielder, rather determined and ambitious, versatile

Weaknesses: Young and inexperience, I would rather see him play as a CB

Recommendation: 7.5/10

Torsten Frings

More detailed profile can be found here.

Strengths: Great technical player, versatile; can play all across midfield, experience

Weaknesses: Old, can't perform as well as Flamini in holding midfielder role, a little playmaker style which may interfere with Fabregas' style of play

Recommendation: 7/10


Strengths: Good playmaking ability, young and quick

Weaknesses: Not performing to best potential yet; may outshine Flamini in the future though, inexperience, need more time to adapt

Recommendation: 7.5/10

Gilberto Silva

Strengths: Very experience, good holding midfielder, influential and commanding, professional attitude

Weaknesses: Old and slow, a shadow of his former self, unhappy at the moment, inconsistent

Recommendation: 8/10

So after reviewing all the possible candidates for the empty DM position, you can probably see that Yaya Toure was my best and preferred choice. I gave him an outstanding 10/10 for recommendation, which probably shows how much I would want him at Arsenal. For now these are the only players I know Wenger feels can replace Flamini, although there may be more. Once the transfer window opens, we shall see. But if I could tell Wenger one thing, I would tell him to sign Yaya at all cost, and also tell him to read this article. It's based solely on my opinion, whether you guys agree with me is a different story ;)

Do you agree with my recommendation levels? Who's your preferred choice? Share it with me :)


Unknown said...

Hey has there been a match where denilson and fabregas has played in the centre? I cant remember any. If there has been then my bad..

chris said...

Denilson finished November strongly with three full games deputising for either Cesc Fabregas or Mathieu Flamini. He certainly proved capable in that department and his performances will have left an imprint on the mind of the manager.

so therefore he did play with cesc when flamini didnt play

chris said...

but on the wing

Anonymous said...

Toure is too big and too slow. Sure he's a big man but lacks the agility, quickness, or pace to cover a lot of ground. I'm not sure he's the right answer.

Darren said...

Denilson looks inexperience, he's too young. Toure imo is good cos he impressed at Barcelona and also plays like Flamini.

competitions said...

Gilberto Silva is the better because he has time to learn and get better his game as well.

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