Thursday, May 29, 2008

Arsenal Joins Chase for Veloso

Today I'm going to introduce to you guys another player that Arsene Wenger is chasing this season, Miguel Veloso.
Just who is this guy? He is actually a Portugese midfielder who plays best as a defensive midfielder, and Wenger is looking to sign him as a replacement for Flamini. He is expected to take over Flamini's role as a holding midfielder, and he does seem competent in achieving what Flamini excelled at this season. Now like always, here's some facts about Miguel Veloso which you may find interesting:
Full Name: Miguel Luis Pinto Veloso
Position: D C, M C
Age: 22
Team: Sporting CP
Nationality: Portugal
Other Nationalities: None
International Caps: 5 caps/ 0 goals
Height: 1,80 m
Weight: 79 kg
A defensive midfielder who can also play as a centre-back, this kid is a perfect combination of speed, technique, and defence. When comparing Veloso and Flamini, I would have to say Flmini is better as a holding midfielder. But what he loses out to Veloso is technique; Veloso can play a little bit of a holding role but his technical abilities is an extra trait that will be useful in his career in the future. He is also relatively faster than Flamini, which all these stats more than make up for his holding "ability" loss to Flamini. But I just have to tell you guys, he is not to be underestimated as a holding midfielder ;)
The only real obstacle in getting him at the Emirates is the price Sporting CP has put up for him. They have put up a price tag of 16 million, and Arsenal have strong competitions from clubs such as Chelsea and Man Utd to get his signature. Man Utd had not been talking about him for a long time already, but Chelsea looks as determined. I just hope he would come, and he and Fabregas can dominate the center of the park as well as how Fab and Fla did.