Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The In's and Out's

It is the time of the year, the long-awaited 2-month long transfer window. There will be players going in and out of each team, and I'm going to go through Arsenal's possible In's and Out's.

Possible Out's:

Aliaksandr Hleb
This player has been grumbling the past few months about him having a certain clause in his contract that he can leave. And guess what? He says he would love to go to Inter Milan and that he WILL go there.
It will be sad if he really decides to leave, but I feel that he won't be staying at the Emirates stadium next season. He, together with Fabregas and Flamini, formed a midfield triangle feared by other teams. To rebuild that triangle would be really difficult, but as long as Arsene Wenger signs the players I mention below (Possible In's), I'm sure he can rebuild another midfield partnership more lethal than the current one ;)

Phillipe Senderos
This player's transfer story is completely different with Hleb's. The difference is, Senderos himself doesn't want to leave Arsenal, it's Arsene Wenger who wants him out. Arsene Wenger has mentioned that he would most probably be facing the exit door, unless he can make a really good impact for his country hosting the UEFA Euro 2008 tournament.
What Senderos needs is perhaps more time. I admit, I wasn't impress with him this season. Last season he was okay but this season I would have to say, for every match he plays for Arsenal, Arsenal gets a result they don't want. Weird huh?
I think it's not a wise decision to sell him now. Perhaps give him one more season? Arsene Wenger has been training this kid for years as possibly the future captain of Arsenal for his known leadership, and yet because of a horrific season Wenger decides to throw all that training down that drain.
And a funny story I just heard is, that Phillipe Senderos is "mentally shattered" recently. Haha.

Emmanuel Adebayor
For this player, I'm really scared. I'm really afraid that Arsenal may lose him, because he's being specualted for a move to San Siro (and many other clubs). This Togo striker who idolises Kanu is really good, and it would be a major upset if he leaves the Emirates. Please don't! I believe we can still cope without Senderos and Hleb, but not without Adebayor! I don't want him to go, because Arsenal seriously needs him.

Possible In's:

Samir Nasri
I have explained in my previous post about Samir Nasri and how good he is, so I won't go much about him. Anyway, to summarize all, Arsene Wenger should sign this excellent wonderkid for 11.25 million pounds as a replacement for Hleb. Short and sweet :)

Hatem Ben Arfa
Another French wonderkid from Lyon, he is as good as Samir Nasri (although I don't know who is better). once daringly mentioned that reports have claimed that Arsene Wenger have signed Ben Arfa for 20 million pounds. In the end it wasn't true. Crap. Anyway, if he were to spend 20 million pounds on Ben Arfa, it would be well spend, seeing as there are so many competitions from other clubs such as Man United and Chelsea.
For some reason I feel that Ben Arfa should be a higher priority than Nasri. Reason being that Ben Arfa is a natural left-winger, so he can easily cover for Hleb's position (Rosicky can then play on the right) without any need for "adjustments". I am afraid Nasri may not be able to adjust to his new position so quickly, and what we Gooners all want is silverware as soon as possible. But anyway, I don't mind who is coming but the best would be Arsene Wenger signing both!

Already Out's:

Mathieu Flamini
The news that most of us already know, Mathieu Fla-money has signed for AC Milan and will moved for a free transfer under the bosman ruling. Mathieu Flamini had actually asked for a contract form Arsene Wenger with a very high pay every week. The boss then feels that Arsenal will not "be like Chelsea" and will not give in to high pay from players in order to repay the debt we owe after building the Emirates Stadium.
For this matter, I actually feel that we could really have prevented this. From what I think, Arsene Wenger should have just offered him a contract that he wanted. I know it's a little costly, but if we can somehow win the league with Flamini, then the money would have been well spent. Even if we did not win the league, we would have earn the loss back if we put up a good title challenge. Remember a few years ago, when French legend Thierry Henry requested a very high-wage contract? And what did Arsene Wenger do? He gave it to him. Few years later, he was sold and Arsenal did better in the league. And furthermore, why did Wenger decided to renew his contract so late in the season? He should have done it when he knew the midfield triangle of Fab-Fla-Hleb was working well. Bad decision from the Professor, I'll be really damned if we don't do well next season because of Flamini's exit. More specifically, Arsene Wenger's mistake.