Thursday, May 29, 2008

RVP Advises the Prof.

Robin van Persie, who has missed out much of the premiership campaign this season has recently warned Arsene Wenger that he must pay more in terms of salary.
He said the reason why Arsenal lost Flamini, and possibly Hleb in the near future is because Wenger doesn't want to pay them such high wages, and that he should really pay more to keep hold of the team together, if not one by one the Arsenal players would leave the club for a higher salary elsewhere.
There's no doubt about this, and one of the points he makes really caught my eye. He says that if Arsenal offered the same salary as the team chasing the player offered, the player would most probably like to stay at Arsenal. In my opinion this is indeed true, as Arsenal have a worldwide reputation and the only thing that make them lose their players are salaries. Get rid of this dirty habit Wenger, it will do us Gooners and yourself good.