Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Samir Nasri

I'm sure many of you have already heard of this news. Yes, there is a high chance the Marseille playmaker, Samir Nasri, will be coming to the Emirates Stadium next season for 11.25 million pounds. Arsene Wenger plans to transform him to a wide playmaker (like how he did to Hleb, Rosicky and Pires), most probably taking over Hleb's position. Here's some info about Nasri in case you don't know him:
Full Name: Samir Nasri
Position: AM C
Age: 20
Team: Olympique de Marseille
Nationality: France
Other Nationalities: Algeria
International Caps: 7 caps / 2 goals
Height: 1,77 m
Weight: 75 kg

Just how good is this guy? Well from my opinion he is possibly one of the brightest prospect in football at the moment, and "The Professor" has done it again, adding another French starlet to his army. I'm having doubts about him playing on the flanks though. I'm not too sure if he can adapt well at that position, but I believe we should just trust Wenger, as he has successfully retrain players in new positions (eg. Eboue, van Persie, Pires).

I believe he would be a great signing, although I wonder what will happen to Hatem Ben Arfa (I will explain about him later). Finally Arsene Wenger dares to spend big, and I'm quite sure Nasri would come. Even Frank Ribery has claimed so, so there is no reason why Nasri doesn't want to come in the first place.


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