Saturday, June 14, 2008

Going for Frings

Recently I have heard news that Arsene Wenger may be interested in signing Werder Bremen midfielder Torsten Frings.

Full Name: Torsten Frings
Position: MC/DM/ML/R
Age: 31
Team: Werder Bremen
Nationality: Germany
International Caps: 74 caps/ 2 goals
Height: 1.82m
Weight: 80kg

I have gotten many sources that say the 31 year-old midfielder could be going to Arsenal for 4 million pounds, as a replacement for Mathieu Flamini, with Gilberto Silva being a shadow of his former self and Denilson being too young and inexperience.

The 31 year-old Torsten Frings has experience, versatile and a good skillful and technical player. The 31 year-old is also a good set-piece taker, and is a first-team player for Werder Bremen and Germany for the current Euro 2008. And added by the fact he's only 31, he can leave for a small fee of only 4 million pounds, something that Arsene Wenger would most probably be willing to pay for. But if Wenger were to ask me about my views on the 31 year-old Torsten Frings, I would say this: Don't sign him.

If you realise I have actually been emphasizing the words "31 year-old", and I have always been repeating and calling Frings just that. Why? Mainly because that is the very reason why I wouldn't want him to come to Arsenal. yes, no doubt, last season we let the title escape from our clutches due to a lack of experience, and we certainly need a defensive midfielder to replace Fla-money, added with a little experience to inspire the Gunners to fight on for the title. But to me, a 31 year-old may be experience, but the thing is, he's old. So old, that he would leave Gilberto Silva puzzled when he comes to the club. To me, players who are 20-23 years-old are young, and 24-26 years-old are inexperience. 27-29, however, is the perfect age for Arsenal, because they are still at their prime and have the experience to lead the team. Players 30 and above are definitely experience, but they are also old. Which means in a few years time they won't be able to cope with Arsenal's fast-pace football, and thus gets sold for even less money. Frings is just that. He is experience, he's versatile and can easily cover for Rosicky when he's injured or any other midfielder, and he's a good technical player who can also take good set-pieces. But one thing that always bugs me about him and just don't seem right is that he's old. And furthermore, he can play as a defensive midfielder but will not be able to do the holding role Flamani have done well, so I can actually picture Fabregas and Frings fighting it out on few occasions. So sorry, Frings, if I were manager of Arsenal I wouldn't sign you. That's my opinion actually, whether Arsene Wenger signs him or not, it's all up to the Professor. Remember, Arsene knows.

But trust me, if Frings was younger, he would be close to perfect for Arsenal.