Sunday, June 29, 2008

Adebayor Wants to be Paid Like Henry

Call it cocky or whatever, Adebayor has came lashing out, again, about his "spectacular" transfer saga.

News of the World has reported that Adebayor wants to be paid like Thierry Henry, by demanding a whopping 400 per cent pay-rise, which would see his weekly wage increase from ₤30,000 to ₤120,000, which means Adebayor wants to get the same "value" and salary as Thierry Henry when he was still back with Arsenal. He even said this:

“People ask if I’m asking for the same salary as Henry,”
“That is not necessarily the question.

“But I am being considered a worthy replacement for Henry while not deserving his salary. The question lies on this level.

“Either Arsenal give me what I want and I stay or they don’t and I leave.”

This actually means he worthy himself to the great Arsenal legend Thierry Henry, by demanding an absurd pay rise and squad value. This actually sort of change my opinion towards him, although I am on the side of the Gooners who believe he should stay at Arsenal. I mean, Ade is no Henry. Nobody can EVER replace Thierry Henry. He's an Arsenal legend, a French legend, my hero, and will forever be. And if that puny Adebayor thinks he can ever match up with Henry, he better wake up.

I seriously hope this report is fake, because reports from other websites cannot normally be trusted, only official reports can. But if this is really true, Adebayor has lost my respect. If it's real, I hope he stays at Arsenal.

What are your views? Do you think Adebayor was right in trying to demand for a pay rise? Do you think he can be Thierry Henry? Tell me more, here at GUNNERockYa :)


Anonymous said...

Difference is when Heny 1st joined Arsenal he was noway near the salary he ended up with years later.

Adebayor joined in our last season at highbury in the january transfer in fact.

what i'm saying is it was henry's improvement as a player and his consistency which made the hike in salary justifiable - Ade has a way to go to show his consistency. one good season doesn't a henry replacement make!

if he has his heart set on leaving then by all means wenger can make as much as he likes off sale.

equally pleased to keep him - he had signed a contract you know - ade would be wise to remember that and look at one anelka to see what could become. oh dear

Christer Folkhög said...

He's not even near Henry's level. Henry was simple the best. Ade is not even top ten at his position. RVP is better, Torres is way better, Ronney, Drogba and Berbatov is also better. And that is just from the EPL! He just happens to be in a team were he gets LOADS of chances! From the starting XI he definitely does not stand out as one of the best or most valuable. So why should his paycheck stand out?
If he is not happy, get rid of him. We wont get 47M as he think, but half of it would still be very, very good for his capacity!

Anonymous said...

As far as I am concerned he can Piss right off. We dont need this type of money grabbing idiot who has no values or love of Arsenal. He ain't got one inch of class about him and must not bementioned in the same breath as LEGEND Henry. Arsene PLEASE take the money for this rubbish person and so called player and go and get a decent player, like Santa Cruz. With the chances create from majical Cesc, Cruz will get even better and will be the Leage top scorer. Ade"PISS OFF"yor.

Anonymous said...

ade is a sad misguided man - who will turn out like anelka bitter and twisted at 29 after taking a grand tour of europe's clubs.

probably end up at rangers in a few years guaranteed champs league football.

henry he isn't and must not think he can be anything but himself.

henry wasn't bergkamp neither can ade compare himself to our record goalscorer.

so ade can go and chance his over rated arm - hleb is another one who can do one too.

chris said...

this guy has to be got rid of before it gets any worse, we will be coming a footballing joke if he stays, it will be ten times worse than jens was last season if we keep him and undermine everybody,