Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Starlets for the Future; Top 10 Players Arsenal Should Sign Part 1

Recently I have been posting about other things, other news not really related to Arsenal.
It seems that I'm making a mockery of my blog's name day by day, but hopefully this post would bring back my focus to what the blog proclaims it is for: Arsenal.

So here you go, an article on the top 10 starlets Arsenal should sign. In fact, they're going to be so big in the future that virtually every club should target them. You may just realise that most of them are French, mainly because that Arsene Wenger's way of scouting have somehow influenced me. There will be 2 parts for this article, mainly because I have too much work at the moment and splitting them would enable me to do what I have not done yet.

So sit back and enjoy this article, and in a few years time, come back to this article and ask yourself whether my eye for talent was right or not.

Top 10 Starlets for the Future:

1) Hatem Ben Arfa


Cool, cocky, complacent. To be honest, he have the attitude of Fabregas, yet is exceptionally good.
A natural left winger, he can cover for the soon-to-leave Hleb, yet can also play as a striker when van Persie gets injured again. He has pace, can dribble well, and a rather good finisher.

Recommendation: 8/10

2) Karim Benzema


Maybe not as cool as Ben Arfa, but he may just further justify Zinedine Zidane's theory of "Having little hair doesn't mean you can't play well."

A natural forward, he together with Ben Arfa, is often touted as the best prospect in Lyon and France. A drawback about getting him to Arsenal is his cost; he is probably the most well-sought player in this list, with heavy interest from almost every major club. If Wenger wants him, he got to pay big, and it just don't seem to fit his style.

Recommendation: 8.5/10

3) Samir Nasri


Only younger than Fabregas by a year, he and Fabregas has some similarities.

The first thing to note is that they are both natural playmakers, and their creativity is something other clubs fear, creating chances for their teammates, when you, sitting on the couch watching them play, not knowing that Adebayor is actually unmarked and clearly onside.

Another excellent French prospect, he is good but sadly I do not think he is the type of player Arsenal need at the moment. As long as Fabregas is at Arsenal, he won't be able to play at his best. I would rather Wenger spend on Ben Arfa than Nasri.

Recommendation: 7.5/10

4) Hugo Lloris


A French goalkeeper from OGC Nice. If a keeper is what Wenger needs, then he would be a good choice. I'm not too sure if Almunia can be trusted as a first-team goalkeeper, but I would certainly want Arsene to buy another better keeper.

Already on his move to Lyon, this kid is quite impossible to get, as I can probably predict his future. He rejects AC Milan to go to Lyon, replacing Gregory Coupet, then he makes a name for himself there, attracting attention from other big clubs, then spending a really large fee for him. Enough said.

I highly recommend this player, but because he is still young to be a first-team keeper for Arsenal, and we already have the up and coming Fabianski, I lowered his recommendation level. Still a good player for the future though.

Recommendation: 7/10

5) Yoann Gouffran


Another French starlet. When are they going to stop developing such excellent prospects? Anyway, I'm stopping the bullshit. From SM Caen, he plays best as a forward although he has proven he can also play as an attacking midfielder. Fast and quick with agility, for what he probalby lacks in technique, he more thatn makes it up in his speed. Lightning fast, he can beat defenders quickly and then finish off calmly, scoring goals and not knowing what hit them.

Excellent prospect, but again, a striker is what Arsenal don't need at the moment. But he is so good that Arsene Wenger may just change his mind if van Persie goes injured again and Eduardo takes a long time to recover. I still highly recommend him, even if Arsenal do't need a player in his position.

Recommendation: 8/10

To be continued in Part 2...


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