Monday, June 30, 2008

Euro's Over, Now What?

After weeks and close to 1 month of intense international football, the players are returning to their clubs to grab some glory again. There will definitely be different impressions the players have created, but what are the notable points of the tournament? These, based on my opinions, are some interesting things I feel I should share:

Best Goalkeeper:

He's 37 and close to retirement but he's still solid as ever. One of the major factors Netherlands could get so far in the tournament, he will definitely retire from international football with pride and style. Thanks for the memories, Edwin!

Best Outfield Player:

I don't think anybody had expected him to do THAT well. Xavi has proven, that playing well for 1 match is one thing, but playing well all-round, that's something else. I think he has earn himself the nickname of "Mr Consistent" in Euro 08.

Most Impressive Player:

He has been the talk of the town after his impressive performances for Russia. It was so good, that he's now even being sought after by Arsenal and some la Liga clubs. I didn't know him till he showed the whole world, including me, how he shouldn't actually stay at Zenit St.Petersburg. Sleek passing with creativity and the knack for goals, it may only be one tournament, but it is enough to let everybody know how good he is.

Biggest Flop:

Seriously. His performances for Sweden is nowhere as good as the one he gave for Arsenal years ago. He's showing his age, and to avoid further embarrassment, he should just retire from international football. And he did.

That's all folks. It's time to get back to club football, as the transfer window is just possibly days away from opening, and this year's Euro tournament definitely has its twists and turns, which will change every manager's opinions on certain players.