Sunday, July 6, 2008

The Prof. is Fed Up + Roma Wants Gilberto

It seems that Barcelona has tested Arsene Wenger's patience. It's over the limit, and Arsene has had enough. He's probably lost patience in Adebayor, and will let him go to either Barcelona or Milan, if Arsenal can get a replacement. It's for an astounding 30 million pounds, although Arsenal have set an asking price of 35 million. As expected, Wenger won't "play" with Adebayor anymore, and will give in to Barcelona's heavy bid. But who as replacement? That, I believe, only Arsene knows. I'm not really sure myself to be honest, but it would be good if it's Villa (I don't know how many times I've said this), but the thing is Valencia has offered a contract to Villa, so if we don't striker fast then we may be the ones left crying.

Another news I got is that AS Roma seems to be interested in Gilberto Silva. They may be willing to pay a fee of 2.5 million pounds for the Brazilian defensive-midfielder. Well, I'd say, cash in, Arsene. 2.5 million is good money for a 31 year-old, and furthermore his contract expires at the end of the 2008/09 season. No one can really predict the future, so whether he will sign a new contract is still a mystery but the most logical answer would be he leaves on a free-transfer, just like how many past Arsenal players at the age of 30 and above did (Campbell, Pires etc.). So rather then let him go for free, why not let him go for 2.5 million? I admit that Gilberto would be a good backup if not first-team player, but I don't think Gilberto can cut it out in Arsenal anymore. The 2.5 million can be used to sign other players, so Arsene has got to cash in fast lest Roma lose interest and Gilberto's stuck at Arsenal.

So what do you think? Should we, for real, sell Ade this time? And if Villa's taken, who should we seek as a replacement for Adebayor? Then should Gilberto go? Is it really time? And is 2.5 million pounds good money to you? Tell me more, cheers from Dariano :)


Anonymous said...

I hear what you say about Gilberto, but I think he's still quality and given a run in the team, he's up there with anyone in the holding role. last season he fell off the pace with long periods out of the team and he looked a yard behind the play when he did get the chance. Still life in the old dog, plus isnt he 1 year away from getting permanent visa to stay in England and so doesnt want to go overseas?

As for Ade's replacement... I think Martins would be a class act for us, pace and power (plus only 23) to feed off RVP and Eduardo (and Vela)... or Santa Cruz, also seems to be available for similar money. I'm not convinced by Villa or Guiza. Similar to Ade, high market value after fantastic seasons.

Darren said...

Actually for me Martins is not suitable for Arsenal, and Santa Cruz is "too average". Villa is good but will be costly and we got to act fast.