Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Legendary "Comebacks"

Just when we thought they were dead and gone for good, these 2 old Arsenal legends suddenly had a "comeback". And coincidentally, the 2 strikers partnership have been considered one of the most lethal in the club's history. Yes, Thierry Henry and Dennis Bergkamp.

Thierry Henry- We're talking about the legendary Henry we knew about 2 years ago. Not the current Barcelona one who seem to never be able to find his best form there. He said that Arsenal will win something this season, be it the Premiership or the League Cup. He has faith, and believe Arsenal can end their 3-year drought of non-silverware. He said,
“Last year I said Arsenal would win something,”
“People laughed at me.
“They laughed even more when they finished the season with nothing but how many people fell in love with their football?
“At the start of the season everyone wrote them off. A couple of months in and everyone was saying, ‘Wow, Arsenal play some great football’.
“They were the team everyone loved to watch and rightly so because they played great stuff.
“I don’t know what it is about the club but they always seem to produce something special. They always seem to be able to inspire players. I still think they can win something.”
That's some great speech there, but it's not all.
“Alex is a great player and I’m glad he’s signed for us,
“He can play on the left, on the right or up front on his own.
“He has a great left foot, a great right foot and his vision is great. I’m going to stop talking now because I’m starting to make him sound like Pele!
“I think he’ll be great for us because he’s an exciting player. He’ll fit in at the Nou Camp and I think the fans will appreciate what he brings to the team.”
Eh... Well, Hleb has leave so I don't think it matters to us anyway.

Another Arsenal legend, Dennis Bergkamp, have become Ajax coach recently, working under manager Marco van Basten. I hope "The non-flying Dutchman" had came to Arsenal instead, but at the same time I feel Ajax is probably the better place to start as coach, and also to get some sort of a license from UEFA. It is said that he will be looking at some of Arsenal's youngsters, in the hope of bringing them to Ajax. I'm not sure if it's a good or bad thing, but it should be good, knowing Bergkamp's character. I hope he will just recommend some players to van Basten, and then loan them from us. I hope that they don't go poaching our youngsters instead (ironically). One player whom I feel would benefit from the "Arsenal-Ajax" partnership is Nacer Barazite. A great Dutch player with massive potential, him going back to his home country and getting some experience there is probably better. So to put it simply, Ajax is our "feeder club". No offence. Anyway good luck Dennis, hope you will one day come back to Arsenal. Some youngsters here need to learn some values from you (you know who). Imagine Adebayor and saying "Arsenal will win silverware" about 10 years later. Do you think it is possible? Let's just wait.

Please tell me how you feel about this 2 legends speaking up, is it a good or bad thing? Will Henry be right? Do you think Ajax will poach our youngsters? Tell me more. Cheers from Dariano :)


klanibal said...

I think Dennis Bergkamp gona do good job for Ajax I belive in Dennis Bergkamp. And We will be great great connection with Ajax. I hope he will succesful in his work.
For Henry I still love him (but love Bergkamp more than ha ha ha). I love Henry show his spirit and love to Arsenal Club. Hope he will do a good job for next season too.

Anonymous said...

i am a gunner 4 life.So be your one of the readers as well .Hope walcott can wear titi's shoes and win more trophies for us

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