Monday, July 7, 2008

Peter Hill-Wood: Ade Staying, Hleb Going

Nowadays we've always been hearing Arsene Wenger talk about Adebayor, Hleb and all the other stars, and I'm sure you would be quite bored to hear the same person say the same thing day in, day out. Well, we've got a new voice for today. Peter Hill-Wood, chairman of Arsenal FC has actually spoken out for Arsene Wenger, in hoping to get "The Mafia boss is speaking" type of feeling to Barcelona and AC Milan. Well here's what he said:

"We want him (Adebayor) to stay,"

"Adebayor still has a long time left on his contract and we have absolutely no intention of releasing him from that contract."
So I guess that Old Petey is actually an idol of the Togolese striker, hoping he can stay at Arsenal to "entertain" him. Will he give in to money? Or is he "money-blind"? We'll see.

Wait a minute. He's not done yet.

"Hleb has made it clear he wants to go. I think maybe he will go."

Oh, great. I won't rest easy about Hleb's situation until Nasri comes (FYI the deal's not done yet, some people got confused).