Monday, July 7, 2008

Arshavin's Future Lies in Ade and Hleb's Hands

Well Andrei Arshavin has been one of Arsene Wenger's target during the summer transfer window. If I'm not wrong I haven't given my verdict on him despite all the media spculation. Now let the judging bein:

Andrei Arshavin. Honestly anybody out there who knew him 2 months ago? To be frank I didn;t know him and have not heard of his name till the Euro's began. He rose to fame by impressing with his national team (Russia) and catching all the club manager's attention. Arsenal, Chelsea, Barcelona are just some of the clubs interested in his services. Now my verdict: Arsene, don't sign this guy. Why? He's 27, probably not worth the money and superstars are not created overnight. No doubt about it, players who are 27 has just reached their peak, so they probably play their best. But in a few years time, let's say 3, he would be 30 and I don't think Arsene Wenger would keep him anymore. Added by the fact that there's much competition for his signature, he would not be cheap so paying over 10 million for a superstar only to play for you for 3 years is certainly not worth it. In fact, Zenit St. Petersburg (his current club) absurdly requested Leo Messi plus cash for him. If you ask me, I would rather get Messi XD. Another factor is that he's so popular now because of his performance during Euro08, and to be specific. He impressed during the match between Russia and Sweden and Russia and Holland. Like I said before, superstars are not amde overnight. Playing really well in 2 matches don't mean that player is good. I am afraid if he comes to Arsenal, he gets a really shit season and in the end lose profit in selling him. So to sum up my verdict, I wouldn't want him to come to Arsenal.

Next on the queue is that Arshavin has recently claimed that whether he comes to Arsenal will depend on whether Adebayor and Hleb goes. So to make sure it's not confusing for some of you, we are like trading Adebayor and Hleb with Arshavin. 3 words: Not worth it. Here's what his agent said:

“The push for Andrei Arshavin has only just got going.
“The clubs who are following him are only just warming their engines.
Arshavin’s future depends on what happens with Hleb and Adebayor.”
So if Arsene Wenger stubbornly ignored my advice and continue his interest in Arshavin, he better buck up. Cause it won't be a small price tag.

Do you agree with me that Arsenal shouldn't sign Arshavin? And is it really worth it to let Ade and Hleb go just for him? Tell me in the comments section, cheers from Dariano :)


Lost Soul said...

I'm sorry, I dont think i understood you right? Is this what you actually meant to say "So if Arsene Wenger stubbornly ignored my advice and continue his interest in Arshavin.." ??

I'm not sure which planet you're living on, but i'm pretty sure that wenger will stubbornly ignore your advice. Andrei arshavin has been performing like a superstar for zenit st.petersburg this past year. He wasnt well known, but that doesnt mean that he isnt good. I've watched zenits uefa cup campaign and he absolutely slaughtered teams in the competition notable bayer leverkusen. The only problem about him being an arsenal player isnt his quality but his age. He will fit into the side, but for how long? I honestly dont see wenger paying 20million pounds for a player with only 3-5 yrs left at the top.

Darren said...

if he's really that good like you said then maybe Arsene Wenger should g for him. But yes, his age is a problem. You got to understand that not everybody watch the UEFA cup, so pardon me.

Anonymous said...

The astronomical profit from Adebayor's sale will make Arshavin's price tag less bothersome. Don't forget Robert Pires was signed at around the same age too. Personally, judging from what what i see on You tube, this guy has real quality and good spirit. Probably a Hleb with more killer instincts. I say go for it.

Anonymous said...

arshavin is a great player
i have watched hhim at zenit many times and his performances for russia this year show he is a great player, skill, pace, he can pass the ball he runs onto the ball well he can use his head he is very skillful and also has a bit of strengh he is a top act
3 years does it matter if he can help us win the title for 3 years so be it