Thursday, July 17, 2008

Worried, Worried, Worried...

This time I'm worried. About a month ago I could just say, "Don't worry, we still have time," but this time, we are just 1 month away to our first EPL fixture against West Brom. And Arsene Wenger has been selling Hleb, Gilberto, Flamini (free) and maybe Adebayor. We have only signed Ramsey, Nasri and Vela (return from loan). Pardon me if I missed out any players, but it still seems to me that we are not signing enough players. With Gilberto and Flamini gone, we are in desperate need of a replacement. Diaby and Djourou is not good enough, and although we are linked to several players, there are to me more players that are attackers than defenders that are linked to us. Examples include Andrea Arshavin, Arda Turan, Sebastien Giovinco and many more that I can't remember. Meanwhile for defensive midfielders we are linked to only quite a few: Raul Albiol, Marcos Senna and Torsten Frings. Obviously there are some more, but if you compare between the number of attackers linked to Arsenal and the number of holding midfielders linked to Arsenal, you would realise Arsene Wenger is sort of like signing attackers his current top priority. I'm really, really worried. We don't have any major evidence that an official bid have been made for any DM's, meanwhile we are constantly linked to Arshavin. Don't fool around Wenger, this is serious. Then where's the defenders we need as backups? A good striker, perhaps as a replacement for Ade? We have once been linked to David Villa, but now there's no news about him moving clubs. We have only got 1 month, and I'm afraid we don't have much time left to sign players. I'll be damned if Aaron Ramsey is going to be a first-team player next season- he is still young and Arsene would be wasting his creative talents if he plays him in a holding midfielder position. Please, ease my fears, and make some new signings soon.


Anonymous said...

we haven't signed anyone because we need the money from hleb and gilberto... no one seems to understand that we have to sell to buy.

Unknown said...

Me too we need some experience If weont win anyting this seasn the directors sould resign and let someone with money come in

Anonymous said...

if adebayor goes, it will be in a part swap deal with eto'o. eto'o scored 14 in 16 games last season, so hes an excellent replacement for adebayor. as for midfielders, if liverpool really want barry, we will get xabi alonso, and if liverpool don't want barry, we'll get barry.
as for defenders we do need back-up. i dnt know if hoyte and traore will be up to the task next season.

Darren said...

I don't think Eto'o would play well for Arsenal... he's not the type of player we need. And hopefully they will use the money gotten from Hleb and Gilberto wisely and makes some signings soon.

Anonymous said...

Come on guys how can you be worried?

Arsene will come up with the goods he always does and it seems like you have lost faith in him already!

Who was Hleb good dribbler but did he really score goals? NO

Look at our squad already?

Van Persie

Not included reserves that are coming though, come on support your team!

Anonymous said...

mate, thats a team without a midfielder who can defend. Not good!

Anonymous said...

I am not worried at all , we have Merida , Jay Simpson , Pedtro and many more youngsters that will be promoted to the first team soon which will in the long run help the in the long run

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Darren said...

Yes Anon 11:24 got it right there. I'm don't think the curernt bunch of Arsenal players can put up a good title fight.