Saturday, July 19, 2008

Arsenal Sign Coquelin... If you know who I'm talking about

Arsenal have signed their third player this season, another teen from French Third Division Laval. He's a guy called Francis Coquelin, and he impressed during a trial with Arsenal last season. He then move to North London for free as he did not sign a professional contract with them. So if you're confused, he came to Arsenal the same way Fabregas and Merida did.
“Arsenal have signed French midfield player Francis Coquelin on professional terms,”
“The 17-year-old has joined from SASP Stade Lavallois Mayeene MFC.”
I'm not totally unhappy with this new signing, but Arsene Wenger seems to be taking our club's future lightly. If you read this post you would know how I feel, and if you ask me, Arsenal should get a new defensive midfielder and some backup defenders right away. Signing a 17 year-old kid is not going to change the club's position; tbh if that lad didn't come to Arsenal I wouldn't know him. He may however make an impact few years later, but nobody will know what will happen few years later. I'm not convinced by this signing and I hope Arsene Wenger gets his facts right up in his head. 1 more month to the start of the season and all we got is one great signing in Samir Nasri; Ramsey and Coquelin are players for the future.

Do you agree with me? Is Coquelin a good signing? Is Arsene Wenger really wrong in not signing any other players at current? Tell me more, cheers from Dariano.


Anonymous said...

i think ur right there mate, we need experienced players to help us at the present, if wenger keeps thinking 4 da future then we lose our best players coz we wont win anything in the present.

Anonymous said...

who the fuck is the guy on the picture because that isnt coquelin.