Sunday, July 20, 2008

Latest News- RVP and Gallas on the way out?

Rumour nowadays.

One of the latest transfer rumour surrounding Arsenal is that Robin van Persie, more affectionately known as RVP to Gooners, is being linked to Juventus. This is highly unreal, but it is said that 15 million pounds can seal the deal. This leads me to think: are we actually being bullies in the transfer window? Firstly Adebayor, then Hleb, and now van Persie. I hope Arsene Wenger steps up and prove to everybody that we shouldn't be victims of bully, and give a big NO to Juve. We should also make new signings soon, because at this rate our squad will only be fighting for a UEFA Cup spot.

One more very funny rumour is that William Gallas may be the latest player on his way out of the Emirates Stadium. He is said to be targeted by both Barcelona and PSG, and 5 million pounds seems to be enough for the current Arsenal captain to move to the Spanish and French club. Anyone out there thinks that this is possible? This is probably false, but I trust you all won't believe that I made a post just to tell you a false rumour, don't you? I just wanted to take some time out and think. So rather than cracking our brains thinking whether this is a true rumour or not, I feel we should sit down and think: Can we really cope without William Gallas? Is he such a good player? He's already 31 this year, he is still a vital part of the team but think about it: just like how Robert Pires left Arsenal, when do you think it would be Gallas's turn? Next season? This season? Believe it or not, I sense something bad may happen to Gallas this season. Be it injuries or another player outshining him, one day it will be time for the current Arsenal skipper to call it a day at the Emirates. The big question is, when? Then who should replace him?

Share with me your thoughts, and let's just hope Arsene Wenger wakes up.


Anonymous said...

I don't see anything real in the two rumour. I am beginning to think some one is paying the sports Journalists out there to unsettle us as a team. Why should Juve be interested in RVP that was off form last season and Highly injury prone., Does it look as though RVP is unhappy ?? just baseless story and as for Gallas I would not mind him joining other clubs at all, he is nearing the end of his career and it all seems his best is behind him but maybe we should keep him so as to allow the younger ones learn from him

Hey guys , Join today lets talk about our dearest team.

Anonymous said...

RVP will not be sold that is for sure and i dont thing he would want to leave. Just listen to him giving interviews he always says something about arsenal even in euro 08 he said the way the play was like the way arsenal play.

Gallas would not be such a bad player to loose im not his biggest fan never was. It kinda leaves a bad taste in my mouth that hes our captian. Mr Arsenal should be captian and Gallas is certainly not mr Arsenal. Kolo on the other hand... now hes mr Arsenal.

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