Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Villa or Podolski?

I'm sure if you're a Gooner who reads the hottest rumours about Arsenal these players will look familiar to you. They have been linked with the Goon Squad recently, both being quality players playing for their national team in Euro 2008 currently. Now here's the big question, "Who would you sign if you're Arsene Wenger?" Of course some people would just give a simple "Sign both!" reply, but judging from the amount of strikers we have in our team and Arsene Wenger's stubborn attitude of not signing too many big stars, it is safe to say only one will come to Arsenal. Maybe he won't even sign any of them, but today's focus is on David Villa of Spain and Valencia and Lukas Podolski of Germany and FC Bayern Munich.

Firstly, let's compare the stats. Villa is older and thus have more experience and goals with him; he scored an amazing hat-trick in Spain's first match against Russia in Euro 2008 and went on to score a total of 4 goals (so far) in the tournament. Podolski, being younger, did not score as many goals as Villa for club, but surprisingly, Podolski easily beat Villa in goals for country; Podolski scored 28 goals for Germany while Villa scored 18. And Podolski even made more appearances for his national team. So it's difficult to tell who is better at this, but I would have to go with Podolski. Younger but more goals, Villa ought to be ashamed of himself!

Secondly let's forget about records and stats all written on paper. Let's move to their ability. There's not much to say about this one. It's based on one's opinion as to who is the better player, but this time Villa gets my vote. Overall he has more technical ability with him, he shoots the ball with power, scores goals with composure, which makes him one of the most lethal strikers in the world.

Thirdly, we'll be talking about adaptability. Podolski lives in Germany while Villa lives in Spain. I don't know about the weather in these countries, but Villa looks more likely to be able to adapt the English football style. It's fast-paced so if you're slow then you can pack your bags and go home. Podolski's not slow, but Villa's faster. I don't know about adapting to life in Engand, but I'm sure Villa would be able to adapt to life in English football.

Fourthly, the price. There have been rumours that Villa can go for 20 million pounds while Podolski can leave for 15 million pounds. Villa is easily more expensive, and there seems to be more competition for Villa than Podolski (major clubs like Chelsea and Liverpool are going for Villa, while so far I've only heard Man City to be the only club going for Podolski). If Arsene wants Villa, he needs to act fast and give a convincing price. But what's good news for us is that Vila have once declared that he would be happy to go to North London, so as long as Valencia gives the consent we probably won't have much problems settling a deal with Villa.

Finally, attitude. I can't resist but bring this up, if any of the players Arsene sign has the attitude of Bendtner then I would rather he forget it. But thankfully, I believe neither Villa or Podolski have a really f***ed-up attitude like Niklas Bendtner. So this one is a tie; but from what I think, Villa would be a better mentor than Podolski if anyone of them is going to tutor Bendtner. Podolski is 23 while Bendtner is 20, and 3 years of age difference is not a lot. Just picture this: Podolski tutoring Bentdner, it seems funny doesn't it? Then now picture this: David Villa tutoring Niklas Bendtner. Seems much better.

So after all the comparisons, no doubt about it, David Villa is the eventual winner. Of course, like always they are based on my opinions, so if you disagree with me then prove your point below. Debate on the different comparison subjects, and explain why that player is the winner. That's all for now, take cares from Dariano.


Anonymous said...

Villa with no doubt. Podolski is new/old Baptista. we have number of players with qualities like Podolski but very good finisher like Villa we dont have.Even Adebayor need 80 chances to score 30 goals but Villa will score that number with 50 chances. Villa is type of Eduardo but more explosive and more quick.

Anonymous said...

Sign Villa now. Why can't we for once have a mega signing? I mean, it is common for Man Utd and other big clubs to sign players worth 25m or more. Not once do we hear a 20m signing by Arsenal, and we want to win big. Even if it may not be our policy to sign expensive players, at least we should do that once in a while. The guy can make us win, he'll have us lots of goals - and that's how teams win. Villa is greater than Podolski. Wenger, answer to fans' cries for once. Sign him, sign him, sign him ....

chris said...

i'd love villa to come it would be a major coup for the club, but i just cant see it based on our recent history of business transactions,

like your analysis, very slick

Starting11 said...

Villa is flashy and the flavor of the month. Podolski is steady, consistent and knows how to score goals. He could be the better choice here.

Darren said...

Everybody loves Villa! Podolski is not bad too, but I just prefer Villa.

Next step: Convince Wenger to sign him.