Monday, June 16, 2008

Next Season Starts Today

Indeed, next season may have just started. After looking at the fixture list from, I got some mix feelings. It seems that we'll all be hyping up on the fixtures, predicting the outcome for each of them. So rather than start preparations late, we must as well start NOW. Anyway, before I start you should check out the list first.

Seen the list? Now firstly we've to look at our starting matches. We'll be having our Champions League qualifying match (This didn't deserve to happen to us), which our opponents are still unknown. Days after our first match we would be having our first premiership match, against newly-promoted West Bromwich Albion. Hopefully we can go through that fixture without problems. Soon we'll be having our next qualifier, and then Fulham, and finally perhaps our first tough test (no offence to the other clubs), Newcastle United. This may just be the match that decides whether we can win the premiership next season.

Secondly, let's move on to October the 28th, what I believed to be our first rival match, more simply known as "North London Derby". We'll be facing perhaps our fiercest rival on home soil, and tbh I'm really worried about their new signings (Modric, Dos Santos). They once said thy could be the dominating team of North London, and I really hope we can shut their mouth on that day.

We'll be facing Man Utd and Chelsea in the same month (Why does this always happen?) of November, and 5 days before Christmas we will be facing Liverpool at home. Let's see if Santa would give us a good Christmas present :)

A North London Derby on February, Carling Cup Final on March, and another encounter with Liverpool at the Kop, what more of we Gooners would be interested in is the month of May, no not totally because it's the final month of the premiership, but because it's a hot month for us. We'll be facing Chelsea at home, and exactly 7 days later we'll be going to Old Trafford to face Man Utd. We'll be having a breather with Stoke City, which hopefully will turn out to be a trashing to them like how we did with Derby close to the end of the season.2 important matches, plus 2 cup finals (CL Final and FA Final) in one, single, month. Wow. Fixtures may still change though, and remember this list is accurate as of 16 June 2008, any changes after that will not be reflected here.

So what is your opinion on this? Is it good or is it bad? Any matches that caught your attention? Discuss here. That's all folks, for now take cares and goodbye.


chris said...

teh first 6 matches are acceptable, blackburn will have a new manager which might prove interesting,
bolton are no longer the boggey team they once were with out fat sam at the helm, but as you say mate with qualifications we can have a slip up, but confindence has to be high

Anonymous said...

You talk about the FA cup final and Champions League final as if we are going to be in it.

Come on, dont be an idiot. Those age-old board members aint gonna take another £60 off me this season. They give us Bendtner and Diaby when other teams get to watch Anderson, Tevez etc.

I love Arsenal and followed them to Milan and Manchester but Im not a fool. They continously take the piss out of us supporters chargin us the most in EUROPE aka THE WORLD, yet we win nothing.

Every year its a new shirt to commemerate this, celebrate that. The only thing the Arsenal board are celebrating is the 1000's of idiots who buy a new shirt every year and fall into the trp of paying Wenger's £4.5m salary;

Fix up Arsenal fans. Show the board whose boss. Dont buy the shirt, stop paying £60 to see Hull. Maybe THEN will the board stop charging us such obscene prices and fix up.


Darren said...

I know we may not enter the cup finals, but WHAT IF we do. If it does then it will be a super-hot month for May. Even if we don't, it's still a highly-anticipated month, cos we have so many rival matches and a nice cup final to watch too.