Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Transfer Trio- Adebayor + Hleb + Ronaldo

Haven't updated this site for days. Expect much longer delays in update as my holidays are coming to a close soon and I won't have as much time to write. Anyway...

Opened my Firefox browser, and on my homepage is The first thing I see is "Adebayor to Barcelona and Milan?"

To be honest I'm really sick and tired of all these transfer speculation. Arsene Wenger has recently sent a frank "no!" to Barcelona for their enquiry on Adebayor. Nice move, but it won't stop the stubborn clubs from getting Ade. Another player from Arsenal that may be on the move is Alex Hleb. I can only say this guy is hopeless at Arsenal already; he's confessed that he wants to move, and it seems he is hell-bent on doing just that. And finally, although not from the Goon squad, he is of a particular mention. Cristiano Ronaldo.

Ronaldo, arguably one of the best players at Man Utd at the moment, is sulking all month long and indirectly saying that he wants to go to Real Madrid. I really want to voice out this: F**k off Ronaldo. Why? For 2 reasons, number 1 is that he's a key player of Man Utd, so him leaving would do all the other clubs in the premiership, including Arsenal, good. And number 2, he has lost his heart for Man Utd; and regardless of Gunner or no Gunner, a player whose heart and mind is not at his current club should not play on and should be allowed to move. Someone in a very similar situation is Aliaksandr Hleb.

He has been dropping hints that he wants to move, and at times he said it out loud that he insist on moving. If I could tell Wenger what to do, I would say, "If he wants to move so badly, then let him." No doubt about it, he's a good player at Arsenal, but if he's not keen to remain and be a Gooner then just let him move to Barcelona or whatever club. Like I said earlier, if he don't give his best for the club, then why keep him?

It's a point of no return now, Hleb WILL go, I'm quite sure of that. Imagine you're a player at Arsenal, you look at Hleb and you know he's not the same friend you know anymore. You know his true self and he has probably lost your respect. That's for one player at Arsenal. Imagine the whole 11-man squad feels the same thing. So if Hleb don't go, he'll rot in the stands and show some shitty performances. If he goes, we'll earn some cash :D

This shouldn't have happened from the start. Players nowadays are always narrow-minded; they always think that they should move to other so-called "bigger clubs" when they don't realise that they are currently at one themselves. I mean, Arsenal is a major club isn't it? The players at Arsenal don't really match up in reputation to Barcelona or Milan, but then think about it, Arsenal's squad value is much lower than Barca (tbh), but is Hleb's importance at Arsenal the same at Barca? Probably not. He shown some great performances at Arsenal last season, and he's already considered a "key-player" to our campaign. Go to Barcelona and he would be outshone by Leo Messi, Xavi, Iniesta and some other players. At Arsenal, he and Fabregas are proably the only 2 main creative force there. Simple. There will be little competition.

Now let's get to Adebayor. He's not so much of a "loud-mouth" like Hleb, he's pretty quiet about his transfer speculation but he has dropped hints here and there about it. Adebayor's a good player, and for this case I feel he should stay. He's vital, important, and good. He is Arsenal's top-scorer last season, and selling our top-scorer is a little risky. I have to agree we still have other options like David Villa and van Persie, but it will be difficult trying to find that deadly striker that hunt goals for us again. Villa needs time to adopt, van Persie needs to find his form and fitness, Eduardo needs some time to find his lost confidence after a long period off the pitch and Walcott is still young and I prefer him to play on the wings. Try to keep him Wenger, Milan already got Fla-money and we won't want to lose another player to them.

What are your views? Should Hleb go? Should Adebayor stay? Are you as sick as me about Ronaldo's situation? Air your thoughts, as the transfer window is 8 days away (according to time of publish).


Anonymous said...

I believe that both Hleb and Adebayor are easily replaceable at Arsenal. Pleb can't shoot, cross or tackle. Ade needs 3-4 chances to score. Can't keep on-side and for a tall lad, his heading is poor.

For me Nasri (from what I have seen and read) and Walcott should fight it out for the wide right position.
Whilst up-front, a fit Van Persie with a new signing of the calibre of Eto'o or Villa would greatly improve Arsenal's chances. I don't think that Vela or Bendtner are the answer yet, and Eduardo will need sometime to regain his high level.

Anonymous said...

Just a further point about Ronaldo. Man Ure's owners would not allow such a valuable asset to rot and devalue in the stands. So I think eventually Ronaldo and Madrid may get their wish. Contracts aren't worth the paper they are written on nowadays.
All Man Ure can hope, is that they hold Madrid to ransom, asking for a fee of around 50 million. This whole saga though, may cause problems between Fergie and the clubs owners .... Oh well! Ha Ha!

leon said...

its realy upto hleb if he wants to stay i feel wenger wanys him stay as for ade he shown any indication that he wants to stay in fact he stated that he very happy at arsenal but if both of leave we can better players with aprofit 45 million because wenger want abe for any less 30 million and hleb for 15 mill.

Anonymous said...

Wenger's approach is to build a winning "team" - that's why he keeps emphasising the importance of hanging on to players. He doesn't buy star name players either for the same reason - it's all about the group. That's why I don't think he will sell Adebayor happily, he shows a true commitment to the team and leadership quality too - (viz his handling of Bendtner, OK this is pure speculation but I think Bendtner improved as the season wore on partly thanks to Adebayor nutting him in the CC). I hope Hleb stays and the fans don't get on his back... (who knows we could have another Ronaldo situation here, 42 goals from Aliaksandar will win over the critics I should think!) We only need one player and that's A Arshavin. The perfect Wenger player, pace, vision, intelligence, determination, commitment, resilience, attitude, sublime touch - he has it all. I said last summer that were Tevez goes the silverware will follow. And this Summer I say the same thing about the man from Zenit St Petersburg. I will probably have to give up watching football if he ends up in the Prem anywhere else but the Arsenal!

Anonymous said...

anonymous at 1.55 am - have you ever actually played or watched football??? "Ade needs 3-4 chances to score" - and what is wrong with that you numpty!? In fact I'm told that according to Carlin Opta stats he needs 4.68 chances to score one goal. So assuming he gets five chances in two games - which is not unreasonable, he's scoring slightly better than one in two. Any manager in the world would take that from any first choice striker for any team in the world, anywhere - and be damned glad to get it.

Unknown said...

Nasri, if he really is coming, can play wide left, Vela isn't going to start there yet, and I think Arsense wants to play Diaby, In Flamini's role. Heaven help us.

Ade, Hleb, the Flamster, this is what we can expect every year, until the Prof, retires back to French football. The romantic notion of building with all these youngsters, will fall pray to the pragmatism of actually trying to play winning football instead of the beautiful game.

What is exactly the point of stock piling all these fifteen year old starlets, when there is no way Wenger will be around to see them to fruition, and even if he was, they'd hang around or a couple, build up a rep, and then cash in.

Wenger's dream is the Gooners nightmare. We'll play top four in the leauge, top out in the CL quarters, and make decent cup runs, I don't know about the rest of you, but I miss the trophies, when we had a mix of experience, class , and youth not catering to Wenger's utopia of building a team from his "genius."