Thursday, June 26, 2008

Adebayor to Milan 80% Done

Reports from has said that Adebayor's deal that will bring him to Italian giants AC Milan is 80% done.

According to Adebayor's agent, the deal is almost complete and it will probably be delayed until Arsene Wenger finds a replacement for Adebayor. Here's what Ade's agent said,

“What are the chances of Adebayor coming to Milan? I’d say today we are between 70 and 80 per cent.”

And I'm sure all of you know Mr.Wenger, he's not one to sell a player without thinking twice. He would certainly be looking for replacements.

Dani Guiza and David Villa are hot candidates, while players like Roque Santa-Cruz, Roman Pavlyuchenko Mario Gomez are not ruled out.

But I just found a shocking news.

One new addition has been made to the "hot candidates" list, Peter Crouch. I mean, FFS? He isn't a good player to me, to Liverpool, and most probably other Gooners out there. I know it would be a "decent" signing but surely Crouch won't be good enough to fill Adebayor's boots? Here's what Adebayor's agent said again,

"The names being talked about are Peter Crouch, Blackburn striker Roque Santa Cruz and Germany forward Mario Gomez,"

Up till now I still prefer David Villa, and if you have read my blog occasionally you would know that I'm someone who disagrees with Adebayor moving away from our club. To me, he is a good player, something that I've mentioned time and again in my previous posts.

What do you think? Is Crouch or any of the players in Arsenal's shortlist mentioned good enough? Tell me more :)


khisa said...

When Adebayor came to Arsenal, nobody knew him nor the talent he possesed. I think the club assisted him to be who he is at the moment.

It is only proper for him to show some appreciation to the club for having invested in him the techniques that he has at the moment.

Arsenal is not a training ground where people come and when they have have matured footbally they move. I think Wenger should not allow him to go anywhere.

But if he is adamand, lets go for David Villa, Zlatan Ibrahimovic or any other highly rated players.

No more unknown players for training.

Anonymous said...

Adebayor wants to leave to get more money so let him leave coz we will never make that money in future from him.santa cruz good idea even crouch is better than adebayor he is just in a team where they have one of the best striker in the world.bring et'oo that's a a good striker.adebayor will never improve his ball control he can't face defence.bring berbatov too if its possible.Guiza will be too slow for arsenal.the chances ade gets at arsenal he will not get them in italy.

Anonymous said...

Crouch will be perfect he got everythin we need at arsenal.better than adebayor regarding to the chances that he will get at arsenal.I can imagine how many goals he will score with his head alone from fabregas free he got more skills than ade.I see we want veloso I don't know if we can handle the price but he is a good midfielder.

Anonymous said...

stupid post!!!

the deal is NOT "80% Done"...he has said it's an 80% CHANCE it will happen. Saying it's 80% done would mean the deal is underway, which it isn't

Anonymous said...

why are people so stupid??? have learnt nothing from previous transfer matter who we sell, i.e. Ade, Hleb or Gilberto...WE WILL NEVER BUY A BIG NAME. Stop talking this nonsense about Villa, Crouch, Ibrihamovich, E'to or any other sucker who the tabloids want to link us with...USE YOUR HEAD AND PUT YOUR FAITH IN WENGER. Granted I would not have Flamini go, but Ade can fuck right off if we get £30 mill plus for him. yes he scored 30 goals ina season, but he should have scored twice that a team like Arsenal the strikers will always have good good as Ade was he is very wasteful and we should take the money...As for squiff eyed Hleb, he is all dribble and no final product...Wenger is a stats man, he would have taken one look at Hleb's stats since hes been here and thought 'if I can get good money for him his gone'.


Darren said...

To Anon 12:09,

It do seems that it is already in talks, but as is not a reliable source of news, I wouldn't say you are completely wrong ;)

Anonymous said...

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