Thursday, August 21, 2008

Shock Move- Silvestre to Arsenal

The headlines says it all.

Mikael Silvestre moves to Arsenal from one of their hottest rivals, Manchester United, for an undisclosed fee.

Shocking. Waste of money. Rubbish move. Seriously?

All those may just be some of the reactions Gooners will get when they first hear the news. I'm not sure if you feel the same way, but I actually have a funny feeling he will be a good signing.

Let's just think about it, it's obvious that Silvestre was signed as a backup, or more specifically, a replacement for Justin Hoyte (he's fucked off to Middlesbrough). He has been plagued by injuries most of the time at United, and didn't make a big impact. But I trust Arsene Wenger's eye for talent. If he signs someone, that someone seldom becomes a flop. It's already natural. I feel Silvestre will be the solution for the lack of good cover for defenders last season; when Kolo Toure went away for the African Cup of Nations, Djourou and Senderos tried to take over but they were extremely shaky. When Sagna got injured it was Hoyte that took his place most of the time, and he's rubbish. Eboue would be a better replacement but he's standing a few inches towards the goal and was played in midfield instead. Silvestre can play on the right or center, and I'm sure deep down all of you know Silvestre is better than Hoyte in right back and perhaps, surprisingly, Senderos in the center. The fee I believe would be at a cheap price, so if he becomes a good backup it's probably already proven that Arsene Wenger has a better mind and eye for talent than Fergie.

Still remember the days when you were complaining last season about Gallas lack of maturity and the squad's lack of experience that actually led to us slipping the title away last season? Well if you're one of those people, then you better not bitch around anymore because Arsene Wenger just answered your prayers. Silvestre has 9 fucking years of experience in the Premier League, so you would say he's going to become one of the most experience players in the Arsenal squad, even more than Gallas.

LMAO at the picture above. It's been a long time since a player in a Manchester United shirt come to Arsenal. Fergie will regret it, that's something I feel will happen.

That's all. I'm still looking for the comments, please just feel free to air your views and tell me how you feel about this article and the content. Should Silvestre really come to Arsenal? Will he be a good signing? Any problems with my articles? Come on, tell me in the comment box. Thanks for reading.


Anonymous said...

i think he wil be good at arsenal.
last season when toure sagna and senderos all out for a wile
we had hoyte gallas song clichy

song dit it well but i think we had to lass defenders whit this 1 we have more replacement for cups and that kind of thinks.
sso i think you ar richt

o ye and sorry but my english is not so good

Darren said...

Thank you Anon 6:24 :)

Andre said...

Time will tell, but AW rarely signs people who don't work out. That said, he has Cygan's number... so, who knows?

Anonymous said...

That was indeed a surprising signing from Arsene.
Hope he does well with Arsenal though. Good luck pal.

Fab 4 said...

Silvestre was sure a suprise signing, but I think he'll do well here. He's experienced and ready to add experience to the squad.

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Come on Dariano, more updates required, lol.

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